To know the basic of Domestic electrical installation

It was a time when people were afraid of electricity when it was coming to the earth through thunder or some ethereal storms. But when the time came, people have invented to produce electricity for their usage, it becomes a familiar part of life. Firstly it was hydropower that produces the electricity, and later on through Electrical Engineering advancements now we can produce it through Coal, Fuel (crude), Wind, Nuclear power, and Solar power.

How does it come from the power plant?

Electricity generation centers or electrical power plants are based on the rivers when it is generated from water. Else, there are many more ways to generate electricity. But the main part of our discussion here is how it comes directly to our households.

All the electricity power generation centers are measured their production with Mega-Watt, and the electricity produced is purely DC (Direct Current) format. Generally, all our electrical appliances are run by AC (Alternative Current), and that’s why the distribution needs some intermediaries. As electricity is intangible so it is transformed and transmitted through proper wires and from the power generation plant it comes to sub-stations and from there it comes to the Transformers. There it is converted from DC to AC and sourced to our household consumption.

Household Electrical installations

To set up one residential complex or housing society it is required to set up an electrical transformer in the area and then the electrical connection is given to the electrical meter-box or main distribution box. How much you are consuming should be measured by the authority, fix the charges and cost of consumption. Most of the electrical installations are done through proper planning, and only the expert and certified Electrical Technician should do the work.

Most of the electrical appliances are run by a plug-point and must be made with the standard guidelines of the Government authorities before installation. It must be approved by the concerned authorities that will ensure its safety and quality. All the wires and cables used to connect the electrical points must be verified and checked whether it has the approval of the concerned quality control departments.

How the installation process should be done

It is mandatory to check the wall and construction of your house whether it has adequate strength and condition for incorporating the entire electrical installation work. If your wall is damp or holding water inside then the entire installation might be in danger. You need to use damp-proof chemicals before the electrical installation therein.

Most of the flats and apartment owners are fascinated by the interior cabling work to maintain the beauty of the exterior part of the house. But, in that case, the technician will be the best person who will suggest whether it is permissible or not.

In a nutshell, the electrical installation work must be supervised by a certified and experienced electric technician. He or she will guide you about the ethical practices on electrical installation at your home. For more information, you can go and visit

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